What are business cards for

Business cards first started life as a Calling Card in the 18th century. They were to show appreciation for a nice dinner party. Business cards are old-fashioned but it doesn't mean it is outdated. Business cards are still one of the most powerful marketing tools used by businessmen. It is a personal way of connecting business owners & clients.

Who needs business cards

All business people need business cards. When you meet other business people who you want to do business with, give them your card. This is especially true if you are in selling, but does not stop there. Every industry wanting to stay connected and build a network should have a business card.

Business Card Design

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Why use a business card

They are personal, quick and effective. Your digital weaponry is not always available. When you meet a prospect on an aeroplane, for instance. Or at a conference, a seminar or outdoors in the rain. Having cards on you is a sign that you're organised and professional. They help keep you connected and build your network.

How to get Business cards..

The first step in getting a business card is to have an Identity. (Your Brand). Be it Company, Product, Service or Yourself. A Logo and colour scheme. Chose the font and colours of the font. Next the details you want to appear on the card. As space is limited, be careful. Design, colour and info are all going to be seen by every potential prospect you meet. Make sure the impression is good. You may want to get help from a graphic designer to ensure a great end product. We have such people here at BizLink Hillcrest and would happy to help.

Business cards- Bizlink hillcrest
Business cards- Bizlink hillcrest

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